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Exam Preparation


How Does the Internet Affect Music Learning?

The benefits of learning to play an instrument is no secret to anyone. From stress relief to developing discipline, not to mention the boost in confidence, memory power, and patience, music learning i

Am I Too Old to Learn to Play Piano?

An unfulfilled childhood wish, or the sudden realization that being able to play an instrument is a skill worth having. Whatever it is, something begs the question: Are we ever too old to learn to pla

How to Become a Singer

Itching to know how to become a singer? Whether you're a seasoned performer or can barely carry a tune, becoming a better singer is more achievable than you think.

Can Anyone Learn to Sing? – Here’s The Truth!

From doing vocal warm up exercises to working closely with a singing teacher, there are many ways to prove that the answer is yes to the eternal question: can you learn to sing?

How to Sing Better – The Easy Way

So you want to know how to sing better, but you're not sure how to do it. Don't give up just yet - there's an easy way to become a better singer!

Songs Recorded in More than 25 Languages

Interested in taking language lessons? Listen to these songs and find out which language interests you the most. While you're at it, sing along to test out both your pronunciation and singing ski