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Exam Preparation


The Foolproof Way to Learn to Play Ukulele

  Everyone wants to learn to play ukulele, for several reasons such as: It’s affordable. It has a happy sound! It’s fun to sing along to. It’s portable. And so much more! In fact, the Ukule

Good Karaoke Songs for Beginners

Planning a karaoke night with friends? Or just looking for good karaoke songs to sing along to while you're doing chores? We have a few suggestions for you!

Verbal Reasoning Test Tips to Achieve High Results

Verbal Reasoning Test Tips - Learn the best ways to prepare for your tests and exams! These tips will help you with all types of tests, especially 11+ and 13+!

Verbal Reasoning Tests – What You Should Know!

Verbal Reasoning Tests - Tips and answers to how you can ace your verbal reasoning tests with ease. It's so much easier when you know how!!

What are the Benefits of Having a Private Tutor

More and more parents hire private tutors to ensure that their child can go on to their preferred school or university. Here's why.