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Ashtanga Yoga Central Coast Classes

Ashtanga is also known as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Power Yoga, as it is more physically demanding than other types of yoga. It is ideal for toning the muscles and is done in a continuous, flowing, and fast-paced manner. You’re not going to be expected to be an acrobat on the your first day of Ashtanga Yoga Central Coast classes, but expect a lot of stretching and strength-building movement!


Who can do Ashtanga Yoga?

Anyone is able to join Ashtanga Yoga Central Coast Classes, even first-timers. In general, Ashtanga Yoga is best suited for those who prefer fast-paced classes and challenging poses. It is also popular amongst athletes due to its dynamic nature. As with any type of yoga classes, there is no competition and there is high respect for those who aren’t necessarily the best in class but are definitely trying and constantly improving. 


Don’t forget to ask the studio or teacher if the class is suitable for beginners! When you’re ready, you might want to find an Ashtanga Central Coast class taught in Mysore Style; this encourages students to memorize a sequence and focus on their individual practice at their own pace. The primary role of the instructor is not to lead but to adjust and support the students as needed.


What are the Benefits of Ashtanga?

Attend your Ashtanga Central Coast classes regularly and you’re bound to feel significant improvements physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Students who practice Ashtanga have reported increased flexibility particularly in the hamstrings, greater upper body and core endurance, and some weight loss. Improvements in overall mental wellbeing and self-awareness are also a welcome effect. 

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