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Contemporary Dance Classes Sunshine Coast

Contemporary places importance on versatility and improvisation. It deviates from strict and structured choreography by not limiting dancers to stick with clean lines and an upright torso. Contemporary dance classes in Sunshine Coast may differ in terms of the style taught; for example, classical contemporary has roots in ballet and modern dance, while abstract contemporary introduces strange angular movements. Contemporary dance classes in Sunshine Coast are available to people of all ages and gender. Find a class that suits your current level to get the most out of your class, whether you’re a beginner or a trained dancer.


What to expect in Contemporary Dance Classes

The proper attire is up to the discretion of the studio, so check if they’ve cited what they require their students to wear. If there is no strict dress code it’s safe to stick with spandex shorts or leggings and a fitted sports top. Warm ups will be done to lightly stretch your muscles and prepare your body before the lesson proper. One of the unique aspects of contemporary dance as a dance style that mostly focuses on the torso. You will be learning to control your torso and arms to create effortless, fluid-like movements. With continuous contemporary dance classes in Sunshine Coast, you will notice improvements in your posture and a stronger core.


Tips for taking Contemporary Dance Classes in Sunshine Coast

Watch some videos prior to your Contemporary dance classes in Sunshine Coast to serve as inspiration and to help you visualize what you’re trying to achieve. Realize that conditioning your body for dance isn’t constrained within the walls of the studio. Doing stretching routines even when you’re not in class will improve your flexibility much faster and broaden your range of motion, preparing you for the next class. You will also benefit from doing core-strengthening exercises such as crunches, plank variations, and leg raises, all of which can be done at home.

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