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Pilates is incredibly effective in improving overall fitness and extremely popular as it helps strengthen the muscles without the bulk. If you’re already doing a cardiovascular workout such as jogging, biking, aerobics, or swimming, Pilates would be the perfect addition to your exercise regime. The slow and controlled movements make it much easier on the joints but will definitely be giving your muscles a good workout.


What is Pilates?

Pilates exercises primarily target the core, but you’ll also feel the burn in your arms and legs! As such, taking Pilates Classes in Sunshine Coast will serve as a full body workout. It is often compared to yoga as it is also mostly done on a mat and some of the postures are very similar, but the work you're doing on your muscles is more intense. Are you up for the challenge?


Here are some of the most popular types of Sunshine Coast Pilates Classes you'll find: 

Matwork, or Mat Pilates, is recommended for beginners to create a strong foundation for Pilates in general.

Reformer Pilates requires an equipment called the Reformer, which provides various levels of resistance and tension.

Clinical Pilates focuses on rehabilitation of a specific part of the body, particularly one with an injury.

Classical Pilates sticks with the original series of movements in a specific sequence, as originally created by Joseph Pilates.


In reality, Pilates is far less difficult than it sounds. Challenging, surely, but definitely doable especially if you’re consistent in attending Pilates Sunshine Coast Classes. Beginners can start with matwork to learn the basic postures and forms before moving up to intermediate and more advanced levels.


Benefits of Pilates

Stronger abs, arms, and legs? Check! Increased flexibility and joint mobility? Check! Improved balance? Check! Because you’ll be keeping your core muscles consistently contracted and engaged, you’ll also be working on proper posture and body awareness. It also takes a lot of focus and willpower to complete each exercise; you’ll be practicing physical and mental control simultaneously!  

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