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Top Central Coast Tutors and Tutoring Centres offering all types of Primary, Secondary, Senior Secondary (BSSS, NTCET, WACE, QCE, SACE, HSC, VCE, TCE) and all Adult levels. We have specialist tutors for Maths, Physics, English, Chemistry & Entrance Exam preparation plus much more...
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How to Choose the Right Central Coast Tutor for You

There are lots of choices nowadays for how to find a Central Coast Tutor, you can ask for a referral from a friend or your school, look at local adverts in the Central Coast press or take a look online. We’re guessing you went the online route as you’re reading this!


Classes A2Z is a great place to find your Central Coast Tutor! We have new Central Coast tutors, tuition centres and tutoring agencies being added weekly. You can easily browse their profiles, see their experience, fees and reviews. All you need to do then is send them a chat message to find out how they can best help you and once you’re satisfied, agree your first booking.


There is no need to pay upfront via Classes A2Z, you pay your tutoring fees when you attend the class or as per your arrangement via chat.



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What levels do you need your Central Coast tutor to cover?


Our Central Coast tutors mainly teach primary, secondary, senior secondary (BSSS, NTCET, WACE, QCE, SACE, HSC, VCE, TCE) & Adult levels for


MathsEnglishSciencePhysicsChemistryBiologyFull List


When you send them an enquiry, always make sure you let them know exactly what level you need help with.


Central Coast Primary Tutoring

Years 1- 8


Central Coast Secondary Tutoring

Years 9 - 10


Central Coast Senior Secondary - Years 11 - 12


  • BSSS Tutors & Tutoring
  • NTCET Tutors & Tutoring
  • WACE Tutors & Tutoring
  • QCE Tutors & Tutoring
  • SACE Tutors & Tutoring
  • HSC Tutors & Tutoring
  • VCE Tutors & Tutoring
  • TCE Tutors & Tutoring


Tutoring for Adults

All Levels


You’ll find that many Central Coast tutors can cover multiple levels for you, but the golden rule is to always ask. If you choose well, you’ll be able to work with somebody that can help you long term through multiple levels!



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A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Booking Your Central Coast Tutor


Where in Central Coast is the Tutor?

When choosing a Central Coast Tutor you firstly need to look at what area they are in as you need a tutor who is going to be easily accessible. There is no point getting private tutoring in an area of Central Coast that either you or your tutor is going to struggle to get to. Make sure you use our search facility to add your location and then we’ll show you the closest choices. Once you’ve started with your tutoring, you certainly don’t want to suddenly have to change your tutor because of travel difficulties…


Tutoring at my place or the Tutor’s place?

So, where’s the best place to have your Central Coast tutoring? You have a few choices because you can have the tutor come to your home in Central Coast, try online lessons or travel to the tutor’s place or tuition centre. Convenience is normally at the top of people’s priority list but you also need to consider where you’ll learn best. Some people find it better to have tutoring away from home as they can concentrate better. In this case you have the choice of going to the tutor’s place in Central Coast or attending one of our listed Central Coast tuition centres. If you feel more comfortable at home or find travelling is going to be difficult, weigh up the options between the tutor coming to your home or having online tutoring. 


  • Your home
  • Tutor’s home
  • Tuition Centre
  • Online


Basically, it’s a personal choice but before making that choice, always remember that learning is the end goal, so you must ask yourself “Where am I going to learn most?”.


Does the Tutor have the right experience for me?

Check out the tutor’s experience via their profile and by asking questions. Explain to them what you are looking to achieve and the challenges you are facing and then ask how the tutor will be able to help you. It’s advisable to use the first tutoring session in Central Coast to identify what you need and how the tutor may be able to help you. Many Central Coast tutors will happily let you know if they feel they can help you accomplish your goals or not within the time limits available. Always remember that your success is your tutor’s success too!

Tutors, Tutoring Agency or Tuition Centre?

There are three main choices when it comes down to getting extra tutoring and again it comes down to personal choice.



When choosing the best Central Coast tutor for you, we understand that pricing can be a factor. Tutors can work out less expensive as they have less overheads but there are benefits for using tutoring agencies or Central Coast tuition centres. One of the main benefits is that you have more flexibility when it comes to changing your tutor or getting cover if and when your tutor is unavailable because of holiday or sickness. We’ve also found that some people prefer a tuition centre as they find it easier to focus in a dedicated learning facility. It’s also worthwhile contemplating small tutoring study groups as this can be very effective and can considerably cut costs for you.


At Classes A2Z you will find a multitude of solutions so have a look through the profiles and send some enquiries. Our advice is to send at least 2 different Central Coast tutors an enquiry so you can get faster answers and a better choice. Please bear in mind that the members may not always have the available time you’re looking for in Central Coast so sending an enquiry to more than one member is the best practice!


Kip Mcgrath Padbury
0 Reviews
  • English Literature
  • Maths
  • English Language
Available all over the world. Kip McGrath Education centres offer live online tutoring sessions with qualified specialist teachers. All levels of primary school and high school English and Maths.
Selvi Wensor
0 Reviews
  • Maths
I have a passion for helping students achieve their dreams. My students describe that I am able to explain difficult concepts in such a way that they are able to grasp, retain and apply knowledge in exams and other assessments. Many of my students are happy that I provide them with ample practice with questions, worksheets and games to practice concepts as well as ask them questions to make sure they understand what they are meant to. Many students really appreciate my patience, as I give them time to think through so they have time to self correct or even formulate their answers well. My experience and expertise let me modify and individualise the lessons to suit the interests, ability level and learning preferences. The tailor made lessons help students fix gaps in their knowledge and practice and consolidate skills to gain confidence in a subject they feel that they are bad at. I have also helped students who are generally doing well, obtain really high grades by focussing on exam techniques showing them how to achieve maximum marks in all assessment tasks. My wide ranging experience, wanting to continually learn and improve my teaching and the ability to be flexible and understanding with children and their families makes me a outstanding tutor and mentor.
  • Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Maths

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