So the question on everybody’s lips is “Can anyone learn to sing?

In a word – YES!

Time and time again, people who yearn to sing ask this question, whether as a defense or out of sheer curiosity. While it’s true that some are born with a particularly interesting and beautiful singing voice, most singers had to work on honing their skill.

You know what really helped? Dedication, lots of practice, and the guidance of a really good singing teacher.

The voice can be trained in just about everyone.” Justin Stoney, founder of New York Vocal Coaching in new York, told Medical Daily. “The evidence that we have says that if you really apply good technique, just about anyone can sing well.” He goes on to compare vocal training with going to the gym to exercise. Not everyone can be a top athlete, but working with the right coach and doing the right exercises will definitely yield results.

So in truth – can anyone learn to sing?


But, canYoulearn to sing?

Yes! Even if you think you can’t carry a tune.

Yes! Even if you think you’re tone deaf.

(In fact, cognitive neuroscientists Peter Q. Pfordresher at the State University of New York at Buffalo and Steven Brown at Simon Fraser University reported that tone deafness is not necessarily the cause of poor-pitch singing, as it is often perceived to be so. They suggested that what many ‘bad singers’ lack is actually just the ability to coordinate music perception and music production.)

 Now THERE’s your beacon of hope, fellow frustrated singers!

The trick is really simple – stop asking can anyone learn to sing and just DO IT. More importantly, take all the actionable steps you can to set yourself up for success!

  • Join a singing club.
  • Join a choir.
  • Hire a singing teacher.

Don’t give up before you’ve even started!

There is nothing shameful about taking singing lessons. Heck, even the best singers in the world today began taking singing lessons long before they successfully reached the charts – and long after. Professional singers continuously work with singing teachers and vocal coaches to make sure their technique is still on point, to help them vocalize properly, to ensure their vocal chords are healthy, and to boost confidence.

Sounds strange, but it’s true!

Many aspiring singers who have no idea where to begin have come to us with exactly the same question as you have “Can anyone learn to sing?”

Our answer is always “Give it try!”. You never know until you try, right?

Thankfully with the excellent coaching offered by so many of our singing teachers we’ve been able to prove that YES – with lots of practice and direction, you CAN learn to sing!

“I HAVE been practising, but I just can’t get it!”

Congratulations! You’re on the right path. But you’re still missing a vital ingredient.

A researcher at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto claims that a vast majority of people can learn to sing by undergoing proper training and, as we’ve said before, lots of practice. Since you’re clearly dedicated to practising, the only thing you need now is proper training. This can be provided by an experienced singing teacher.

Why do you need a singing teacher?

Well for one, they will keep you on point.

It’s easy to get distracted while you’re doing vocal exercises alone. Furthermore, how on earth will you know if you’re singing the right notes? With the right singing teacher, you’ll learn tons of vocal warm-up exercises that you never even knew existed, guide you through the proper pitch and the right notes, and prevent you from causing yourself vocal strain.

Another thing is you get EXPERT FEEDBACK.

A qualified singing teacher can truthfully enlighten you as to what aspects of singing you have trouble with and how to remedy them. They will challenge you to be better, and in the end, validate just how much you’ve been improving.

Instruction and validation. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?


So if you want to become a pop star or just want to be able to participate at karaoke night outs or even just jamming in the car, you’ll have a better chance of achieving these goals easily with the help of private singing lessons. There are tons of singing teachers near you, and you can start your journey to becoming a trained singer by contacting them through Classes A2Z.

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