Not everyone will admit it but a great way to unwind is by singing along to good karaoke songs but first of all you need to select which karaoke songs for beginners will be best for you!

karaoke songs for beginnersThe great thing about singing is that it can be done almost anywhere with almost anyone.

In your bedroom, in the living room, in your car, or in a karaoke bar.

By yourself, with your dog, with your friends, or with co-workers.

When you’re not pressured to perform well, it’s almost therapeutic to be singing your stress away with karaoke songs! Other perks of singing karaoke for fun, include inducing the release of feel-good brain chemicals (making it a natural anti-depressant), improving mental alertness, giving your lungs a good workout. Singing along to good karaoke songs for beginners is also a great way to get used to performing if you have stage fright.

Who knew there were so many perks to Karaoke?

“What if I really can’t sing?”

Anyone can learn to sing, but different voices have varying ranges and therefore suit different songs. A singing teacher from Classes A2Z will be able to help you distinguish which karaoke songs suit you best, and even help you build a repertoire that will really blow your audience away!

For the record, you’re really better off taking singing lessons if you want to know how to sing better.

For now, here are some good karaoke songs for beginners with easy melodies and a range of an octave or less. These are ideal for those still trying to learn to sing – or those just looking to have fun with friends.

Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – Backstreet Boys

A top rated karaoke song for beginners! No karaoke list is complete without at least ONE 90’s boyband song in it. For this list we chose a super upbeat and danceable song from one of the most iconic boybands in the 90s – time to show off your dance moves!

Wannabe – Spice Girls

Zig-a-zig-ah along to this other feel-good karaoke staple from the 90’s! Another great karaoke song for beginners!

I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll – Joan Jett

Let’s step away from the pop songs and turn to a hard rock track from Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, a certified crowd pleaser. Even when the crowd turns out to be your pets watching you cut loose in the living room with this favorite karaoke song.

Lean On Me – Club Nouveau

Perfect for bonding with friends and expressing how much you care! This is a top rated beginner’s Karaoke song that lots of beginners sing.

Here, There, and Everywhere – The Beatles

Practice singing this Karaoke song for your special someone, and we guarantee he or she will appreciate the effort especially when you’re still a beginner in Karaoke!

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Last but definitely not the least, this Journey song should encourage you to, a-hem, continue your journey to learn to sing. That exhilaration you feel after singing Karaoke along to these song? Hold on to that feeling! Don’t stop believing!

Good karaoke songs for beginners typically do not have large intervals, so these should all be relatively easy for beginners. If there are notes you can’t reach, or if you run out of breath easily, or find it hard to transition between head and chest voice, don’t worry about it. All of these and several other problems you may have in singing can be corrected through vocal exercises and singing techniques that can be provided by your singing teacher.

Don’t have one yet? Still not a problem! You can find teachers offering affordable singing lessons through Classes A2Z.

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