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Kizomba Classes

Kizomba classes are exciting and are ideal for anyone who loves partner dances. It's easy to follow movements and slow music will allow any beginner to enjoy social dancing even after the first classes. The key aspects of learning to dance kizomba are closeness and subtlety, all of which you will learn during classes for beginners. There are also courses aimed for Improvers. Even if you currently do not have a partner, singles are welcome to join kizomba classes alone or with friends today!


Why should you try Kizomba?

Learning to dance Kizomba is an excellent way to de-stress. If you’re taking kizomba classes with your partner, this particular dance will help you establish and celebrate a deeper connection to each other. If you don’t have a partner, you’ll still enjoy yourself! You’ll get to meet lots of new people not just in the studio but also when you go out to nightclubs and parties and show off your new moves.


What to bring to Kizomba Classes

A partner, if you have one. If not it’s not a problem, as mentioned before. Attend your kizomba dance classes with an open mind, the willingness to learn, an extra shirt, and a bottle of water. It’s still a workout after all! Many studios also encourage dance students to bring some mints or gum as you’ll be dancing closely with others. Wear something light and comfortable such as a t-shirt and jeans. Choose light footwear like a pair of sneakers or heels with a lot of support, bearing in mind that the moves may include turns.  


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