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About Line Dancing Classes

Consider yourself a non-dancer but don’t want to miss out on the fun once music starts playing? Try taking line dancing classes! The choreography for line dances are often very simple and the series of steps are repeated, so there isn’t a lot of memorizing involved. An added bonus is that line dancing does not require a partner – you can dance it alone or with a whole crowd. It’s engaging and fun regardless of how many people are involved! To join line dancing classes, search for the line dancing instructor of your choice in our directory. Afterwards just contact the dance instructor and book your lessons through Classes A2Z.


Line Dancing Trivia

  • Line dancing is popular in country music. However, it is believed to have originated from folk dancing and not country and western dancing.
  • The Dj typically calls out the line dance, but if there isn’t one available, the front line leads the sequences.
  • Etiquette calls for newcomers to join in at the end of a line, not the middle.

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