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About Swing Dance Classes

Taking swing dance classes is a fun way to meet new people, exercise without it feeling like hard work, and learn a new skill. While it does take a certain amount of commitment to progress from basic steps and fun choreography for beginners to the next level, it’s completely attainable even if you take lessons only once a week! The best part is that ANYONE can join swing dance classes! Swing dance teachers are usually able to teach different styles, so ask around for the particular style you want to learn. Better yet, contact a swing dance teacher through Classes A2Z!


Swing Dance Trivia

  • Swing styles include lindy hop, jitterbug, savoy-style lindy hop, balboa, rodeo swing, collegiate shag, and St. Louis shag.
  • The lindy hop, the most well-known swing dance, combines jazz, tap, breakaway and Charleston. It originated in the early 1920s in Harlem, NYC.
  • In the World War 2, Europeans were warned from getting involved in swing dancing because it was a ‘rude’ American dance.

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