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Tango Classes

Tango is vibrant, fierce, and full of passion. The dance has evolved and spawned a variety of styles, but one of the most popular is Argentine tango. If you’re curious about tango but think it’s complicated and don’t know how and where to start, take the small first step by joining a taster class! This is where you will literally get a taste of what tango classes are and learn the very basics. More importantly, it will help you decide if tango classes are right for you. Once you’ve decided you want to take tango lessons you can sign up for a full course. Intermediate to advanced tango classes and courses are also available.


What to expect in Tango Lessons

The style you learn will depend on the classes offered by the dance studio you choose, so don’t be afraid to ask if you’re unsure. It’s a social dance so even if you go alone there will be a rotation of partners. If you’d rather only dance with your partner, that’s alright too. It is however recommended to try dancing with other people to enhance the learning experience, as people don’t follow/lead the same way.


Benefits of Tango Classes

Tango offers so many benefits it’s unbelievable. More than just for aesthetics, tango contributes to improved moods, increased energy, improved balance, better sleep, and weight loss. It hones flexibility, improves posture, and tones the abdominal and leg muscles. Due to the close contact with your dance partner, tango lessons can trigger the release of oxytocin, which is beneficial for overall health. Attending tango classes and going to tango clubs will help you meet new people with the same interests, expand your social circle and enhance your social life.

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Tango Moderna
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These classes are for pure beginners and those wanting to improve core skills. Each day previous material is reviewed and built upon. What am I Learning? Basics are divided into three parts (A, B & C) and may be taken in any order to form a complete set of Basic skills for this dance. Each Series covers caminar (walking), embrazo (the embrace - what you use to communicate to your partner), and moves that are unique to each of the 3 series: Basic Series 'A' focuses on Ochos, Sacadas, Planeos and Embellishments Basic Series 'B' focuses on Cruzada, Rebotes/Change of direction and Traspies Basic Series 'C' focuses on Molinettes, the Ocho Cortado and Mordida Each day previous moves and techniques are reviewed and built on. An additional complementary 15 min practice time is given after each class (8:15pm - 8:30pm) Courses are centered around getting you to dance - not just learning a bunch of moves that you have to figure out how to put together on your own. We teach the moves, how and why it works, how to chain moves together, and we get you dancing during the class as if you were out at an actual milonga. (In Argentine Tango a dance hall is called a milonga.)

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