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Learning to Belly Dance is an amazing experience & confidence booster! We offer both private and group Belly Dancing Classes throughout Edmonton from beginners to advanced. You'll find belly dancing with us is AFFORDABLE, FUN and FULFILLING!
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Belly Dancing Classes Edmonton

Getting fit can sometimes be a daunting task if you’re not enjoying the process. Why not try belly dance classes in Edmonton? There are belly dancing classes near you available for all ages, sizes, and level of experience. It’s low-impact so it’s easy on the joints, but the moves can still burn calories and aid weight loss! Beginners are welcome to join entry-level belly dancing classes, which often focuses on the fundamentals of belly dance and basic movements. Nothing too complicated. There are also belly dancing classes in available for those with more experience, and depending on your level you can pick up a variety of more complicated moves such as hip drops, hip shimmy, accents, and full choreographies. Belly dancing comes in many different styles, so you can inquire with a belly dancing teacher which one you are interested in learning. There are many more reasons to try belly dancing classes in Edmonton, so use the search above to find a studio offering belly dancing classes near you.


What to expect from Belly Dancing Classes Edmonton

The most commonly associated costume to wear in belly dancing classes is the ‘bedlah’ which refers to a set coin-beaded bra and belt. Don’t worry; if it’s your first time, your usual workout outfit will do. Like any other dance class, you will do warm ups to lightly stretch your muscles and prepare your whole body before you start the lesson proper. Master the moves of belly dancing and learn to shake your hips like a pro!


Benefits of Belly Dancing Lessons

Learning to belly dance first and foremost helps you with your confidence by encouraging you to embrace your curves. The isolated movements of major muscle groups will help you learn to get in touch with how your individual body parts move. Belly dancing improves muscle tone and control, increases the range of motion of the hips, works the core, reduces stress, and aids digestion. Take belly dancing classes in Edmonton today and experience it for yourself!

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