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Learning to Belly Dance is an amazing experience & confidence booster! We offer both private and group Belly Dancing Classes throughout Vancouver from beginners to advanced. You'll find belly dancing with us is AFFORDABLE, FUN and FULFILLING!
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What is Belly Dancing?

Belly dancing is an Arabic expressive dance that emphasizes movements of the hips and torso. It originated in Egypt and is also known as Raqs Sharqi, which translates to “oriental dancing.” Characteristic movements of belly dancing include shimmies, locks, drops, and curving patterns. Compared to other dances it doesn’t generally involve a lot of footwork, focusing rather on isolated movements of individual body parts. Today, it is a popular exercise that you can try through belly dancing classes in Vancouver.


Belly Dancing Classes Vancouver

Belly dancing is not just about shaking the hips! If you’ve ever seen a performance, you’ll see that it actually takes a lot of skill and control to learn how to simultaneously move parts of the upper body and the lower body at different speeds and in different directions. This is why there are belly dancing classes in Vancouver, accessible for just about anyone wanting to learn this dance. Despite being seemingly female-centered, belly dancing classes in Vancouver are accessible for both men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.


What to expect from Belly Dancing Classes Vancouver

Come to class in something comfortable and easy to move in such as your usual workout attire. Street shoes are usually not allowed in the studio, so it’s best to stick with ballet slippers, jazz shoes, socks, or even just your bare feet! Just like any dance Class, belly dancing classes in Vancouver usually start with warm ups to lightly stretch your muscles and prepare your mind and body. As long as you arrive with an open mind and a smile on your face, expect to have a lot of fun!

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