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Richmond Bikram Yoga Classes

Who would've thought that an exercise program known for helping relieve stress would intentionally be done in a room heated up to 42 °C? That’s exactly what happens when you join Bikram Yoga classes in Richmond, and if you haven’t, you should give it a try! Hot Bikram Yoga is surprisingly popular not only for the challenge it presents but the benefits it offers!


What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is a type of hot yoga with a specific set of 26 postures done over a 90-minute session. The repetition allows the Like with other hot yoga styles, the heat in Richmond Bikram Yoga classes helps the body sweat out toxins and improve circulation. It also helps increase flexibility to minimise risk of injury. In case you’re wondering, Bikram yoga also aids weight loss! Richmond Bikram Yoga classes are open to yoga practitioners of all levels, beginners included. Why not give it a go? 


How do I prepare for a Bikram Yoga Class?

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day (or the night before, if you’re taking a morning class) and avoid eating about two hours before your scheduled Richmond Bikram Yoga class. Anticipate lots and lots of sweat when thinking of what to wear; tight shorts and a tank top (or a sports bra) is what most people tend to wear. Grab a yoga mat, towel, a water bottle, and determination and head on over to your chosen Bikram Yoga studio in Richmond for your first class!

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