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Capoeira: Martial Arts or Dance? 

As you'll learn at capoeira classes in Ottawa, the answer is both! Developed by African slaves in Brazil to hide the fact that they were training for self-defence from Portuguese colonists, this martial art and dance hybrid even incorporates acrobatics such as cartwheels and spinning. As you could probably imagine, it's an extremely effective and productive way to work out!


Not an acrobat? Not a problem. Beginners aren't expected to know how to do a cartwheel or handstand from day 1. Regularly taking capoeira classes in Ottawa will build your fitness levels and skills. Within a few weeks or months, depending on how often you practice, you'll be surprised with what you can do! Find a martial arts school in Ottawa with capoeira classes and try it out for yourself. 


Benefits of Capoeira Classes Ottawa

Training in capoeira has a plethora of physical and mental benefits. For one, you will simultaneously be learning how to dance, learning how to fight, learning how to do acrobatics, and burning calories with every session. You'll be building your stamina, balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength especially in the upper body. Because of the dance component, capoeira can also be an outlet for self-expression and stress reduction. Find out the true benefits of participating in capoeira classes by booking a class with a reputable capoiera/martial arts school in Ottawa today!


What to Expect in Capoeira Classes Ottawa

The Capoeira School in Ottawa that you choose will provide the dress code for their students. Generally, capoeira students should avoid wearing denim, shorts, and clothing items that are too loose or too tight to move comfortably in. The school might not require first-timers to wear a uniform especially if you're taking a taster class, so a safe choice would be tracksuit bottoms and an athletic shirt. Capoeira takes time to master so it's important not to get frustrated if you're not spectacular at it on your first try. 

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