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Hip Hop Dance Classes Calgary

Ready to start popping, locking, and breaking your way to stardom? Or are you simply looking to learn to groove to hip hop music for casual fun and fitness? Either way, there are plenty of hip hop dance classes in Calgary to choose from! Hip hop dance classes are a great way to keep you active, build stamina, and improve coordination and flexibility. It’s not a problem if you have zero to very little dancing experience, as there are hip hop dance classes in Calgary designed specifically for beginners. Lay the groundwork right and soon you’ll be able to keep up with more complex moves in intermediate to advanced classes!


What is Hip Hop Dance?

Hip Hop is a cultural movement that originated from the Bronx, New York in the 1970s. In terms of dance, this style incorporates breaking, popping, locking, krumping, and many other individual dance forms. Hip hop dance classes in Calgary often go hand in hand with street dance classes but aren’t always the same thing.


Commercial hip hop has become an incredibly popular mainstream dance as it is very rampant in all forms of media. It continues to grow and evolve along with hip hop music thus; new hip hop moves continue to be created. There really is no stopping the hip hop culture, so join in the fun as instructors of hip hop dance classes in Calgary teach you the hottest hip hop styles.


What to expect from Hip Hop Dance Classes

Before you begin your Hip Hop Dance Classes, warm ups will be done which primarily consist of stretching and cardio to prepare your muscles and body for the hip hop dance movements. Since hip hop dance moves can be fast and intense, wearing the proper attire is a must. The usual attire for a dance class is tracksuit bottoms, or other loose-fitting training trousers, a tank top t-shirt that will make you move comfortably, and a pair of regular athletic sneakers will do. Bringing extra clothes and towels are also recommended so you can change your clothes before you go home.

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