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What is Muay Thai?

Muay thai is a type of kickboxing that's quite popular worldwide, and not just to MMA fighters and fans! Referred to as the Art of Eight Limbs, it uses eight points of contact: hands, elbows, knees, and shins. If you train in muay thai you'll be learning fighting skills that can be useful not just in a competition but also as self defence. Muay thai training in Vaughan will also help you progress in terms of endurance, strength, speed, and even weight loss, which in turn can boost self-confidence! 


Muay thai gyms in Vaughan will have classes that welcome complete beginners. There are also group and private training sessions for those who are at intermediate to advanced levels. Adults, children, men, and women are all welcome to try muay thai. Make sure to choose the class that suits you! 



Muay Thai Training Vaughan

Taking up muay thai can become a commitment not just to the striking arts but also to your health and fitness. Beginner classes usually consist of a basic walkthrough of muay thai - you'll be doing some warmups then learning the proper body positioning and simple kicks and punches. Sooner or later you'll notice there is emphasis in cardio to build up your endurance and improve overall performance. However, just how much cardio you're required to do may depend on the instructor or the muay thai gym in Vaughan that you choose. Training in muay thai will build your strength, discipline, and grit. 


Tips for Muay Thai Training

Continuously develop your stamina outside of training sessions through running, sprint interval training, and/or swimming. Even if you haven't started your muay thai training in Vaughan yet (or just getting back to it after a long period of not training), working on your endurance will give you a good headstart. If you plan on doing muay thai for a while it's a good idea to purchase your own hand wraps and gloves - the muay thai gym in Vaughan you choose might have a few they can lend or rent out, but will likely smell and cause you to be distracted. 


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