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Pole dancing is a great way to increase strength and get fit! We offer beginner to advanced, private or group Pole dancing classes throughout Toronto at a per session rate or you can choose a membership package. It's AFFORDABLE & FUN!
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Pole Dancing is for Everyone

Pole dancing classes in Toronto can be challenging but most people will be able to learn it over time. If you are a complete beginner you can join pole dancing classes for beginners to get you up to speed. As an exercise, it can get you in really good shape as it is a full-body workout that serves as cardio, strength training, and flexibility training all in one. It takes an incredible amount of skill to be able to climb a pole and do death-defying acrobatics! Now here’s the shocker: pole dancing is for everyone. Men and women alike can have fun in pole dancing classes and can both reap the benefits! There are even men’s divisions in competitions these days. If they can do it, so can you!


Pole Dancing Classes in Toronto

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into a room is that everyone seems to be so confident about their bodies. They’re most likely just as self-conscious as you are! The beauty of pole dancing is that while you are not forced into a teeny bikini, being surrounded by confidence and body-positivity gradually teaches everyone to become more comfortable with their own bodies. Don’t let shyness hold you back from taking pole dancing classes in Toronto today!


What to wear to Pole Dancing Classes in Toronto

Pole dancers need traction provided by the skin to stay on the pole. Bearing that in mind, students are encouraged to wear tight-fitted clothes that expose as much of the skin as possible such as a sports bra and shorts. If you’re having trouble gripping the pole the teacher may be able to provide grip aids such as heat activated thermoplastic powder, antiperspirant lotion, or anti-slip paste.

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