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How to Learn to Play Violin

Learning to play Violin is one of the most highly recommended activities for people of all ages because of its many advantages. The benefits of playing the Violin, and most other instruments for that matter, are not limited to entertainment and creative expression. They help improve hand-eye coordination and even help sharpen fine motor skills. Many classes and courses on how to play Violin also involve at least some music theory and composition, so you’re really getting a lot more out of your private Violin lessons for beginners to advanced than one would think.


Classes A2Z has a community of professional teachers and tutors with a wide range of qualifications and experiences. Under Violin Lessons Hamilton are classes and courses for children and adults, as well as those with special needs. There are Violin courses Hamilton that cater to all levels, different Violin styles, and for different budgets to make learning to play Violin accessible for everyone.


Violin Lessons Hamilton for Adults

Too many people yearning to be able to play the Violin think that actually learning to play the Violin as an adult is too late. This is not the case at all! Adult Violin lessons are far more common than you’d think. Do a quick search and you’ll find that more than one Violin teacher Hamilton listed with us offer these. Many of them have experience and have had much success with teaching Violin to those up to senior age! Knowing how to play the Violin as an adult even if you’re a complete beginner has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Playing music can even increase the human growth hormone to reduce signs of aging. Now that’s what we’d consider highly beneficial!


Violin tuition provided by our teachers are for all ages, whether you’re a beginner who has never so much as touched a Violin before or an advanced learner looking to improve your skills. Ready to learn Violin the right way? Start your journey in learning to play Violin by sending an enquiry to one of our highly qualified Violin teachers in Hamilton!

guyonne Le Louarn
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As a teacher, I try to understand the difficulties and the needs of each of my pupils. I try to steer the student on a path that goes from learning how to hold the instrument, to how to find, express and share their feelings, as well as nurturing their imagination and giving them the drive to accomplish something by themselves for themselves. It cannot be done without the moral support of the families, because adults know a little better than a child does. Because together, we foresee the good of standing by a commitment to practice. Because we know and anticipate that time needs time and good things are worth waiting and working for. We know it will help the child to tackle school and university. We know it will help the future adult to apprehend life, adversities and decisions with the peace of mind that knowledge conveys, and the comfort of knowing what they can achieve. Together, we can make sure our children grow with a sense of belonging to a world that has a past and therefore a future. As a performer, I do not produce anything. At the end of a concert, the audience does not leave with a tangible object. Unlike engineering or construction, there is nothing concrete or real happening except that the audience shared an ethereal moment with the performer. Whether the audience liked or disliked the performance. They felt something. The audience members got in touch with their feelings and emotions and hopefully will get a memory to take home. That is what I am thriving for on stage and that is what I dare to teach to a new generation, which I think, is sadly turned towards an immediate use of knowledge, discarding anything that is not of concrete and instantaneous use. It takes about 15 years to foster a musician amateur or professional. The starting years are hard, particularly with strings, not because it squeaks, but much more because we need to learn discipline, tenacity, hard work and introspection at an early age when we just want to get out and play obliviously. Violin has that particularity to get a child to face the reality of “I did it or I didn’t do it right” from the very first day. We need to plant the seed and awaken the curiosity for this “Useless knowledge” called General Culture in our Children to open up to them the wonderful world of endless imagination, infinite possibilities and projects, one note at a time. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ En tant que professeur, je cherche à comprendre les difficultés et les besoins de chacun de mes élèves. J'essaie d'orienter les étudiants sur un chemin qui va d'apprendre à tenir l'instrument, à la façon de trouver, exprimer et de partager leurs sentiments, ainsi que nourrir leur imagination et les incitant à accomplir quelque chose par eux-mêmes pour eux-mêmes. Cela ne peut se faire sans le soutien moral des familles, parce que les adultes savent un peu mieux que l'enfant. Parce qu'ensemble, nous prévoyons le bien de se tenir aux engagements de pratique. Parce que nous savons et nous prévoyons que le temps a besoin de temps, que les bonnes choses valent la peine d'attendre et de travailler. Nous savons que cela armera l'enfant pour l'école et l'université. Nous savons que cet enseignement aidera le futur adulte à appréhender la vie, les adversités et les décisions avec la tranquillité d'esprit que donne les connaissances , et le confort de savoir ce qu'il peut réaliser. Ensemble, nous pouvons nous assurer que nos enfants grandissent avec un sentiment d'appartenance à un monde qui a un passé et donc un avenir. En tant qu'interprète, je ne produis rien. A la fin d'un concert, le public ne repart pas avec un objet tangible.Contrairement à l'ingénierie ou à la construction, rien de concret ne se fait, sauf le partage d'un moment éthéré et éphémère avec l'interprète que le public ai aimé ou haï la performance. Chacun a ressenti quelque chose.Chaque membres de l'auditoire est entré en contact avec ses sentiments et émotions et chacun, je l'espère, repart avec un souvenir. C'est ce que j'essaie d'obtenir à chaque concert et c'est ce que j'ose enseigner à une nouvelle génération, qui, je pense, est malheureusement tournée vers une utilisation immédiate des connaissances, rejetant ce qui n'est pas de l'utilisation concrète et instantanée. Il faut environ 15 ans pour favoriser la naissance d'un musicien amateur ou professionnel.Les premières années sont difficiles, en particulier avec les cordes, non pas parce que cela grince, mais beaucoup plus parce que nous devons apprendre la discipline, la ténacité, le travail acharné et l'introspection à un âge précoce où nous voulons juste sortir et jouer inconsciemment. Le violon a cette particularité de mettre un enfant face à la réalité de "J'ai fait ou je n'ai pas bien fait les choses" et ce dès le premier jour. Nous avons besoin de semer et d'éveiller la curiosité pour cette «connaissance inutile» appelé la culture générale en nos enfants pour voir s'ouvrir à eux, le monde merveilleux de l'imagination sans fin, des possibilités et des projets infinis , une note à la fois.
Maggie Music LLP
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Violin Viola Guyonne Le Louarn is the assistant principal viola with the Vancouver Island Symphony and is on faculty at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Guyonne also teaches at Shawnigan Lake School and is the coordinator of the Independent Music Program at St.Margaret’s School. Guyonne holds an AVCM from the Conservatory of Music (Victoria) in viola, violin and chamber music coaching, a Silver medal from the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris (France) in viola and multiple gold medals and diploma from the Nantes Conservatory, in violin, viola, chamber music, theory, conducting and early music. She maintains a busy career as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician. She has won numerous competitions both on France and Canada. As a freelance musician, she has performed with many orchestras, including the Victoria Symphony Orchestra. Her performing career has taken her all over Europe and Canada and as far as Oman. For the past 20 years, Guyonne teaches Viola, Violin, and Chamber Music to students of all ages and levels both in English and French. Douglas Hensley Guitar dep Douglas Hensley received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in guitar performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Mr. Hensley has significantly enriched the guitar’s repertoire by commissioning and premiering over 60 works by composers from many different countries, and he has recorded a wide variety of pieces on various instruments. Mr. Hensley is on the faculty of the Victoria Conservatory of Music, where he teaches guitar, lute, ukulele, mandolin and banjo, as well as the classical Persian instruments tar, setar, santur, and oud, which he studied with several Iranian masters in California and Paris. He has taught St Margaret’s students since 1998. Joyce Menting Ellwood, Cello Joyce Ellwood is a member of Victoria Symphony Orchestra, and has performed with the Pacific Baroque Orchestra and as a chamber musician with a variety of chamber organizations on the Island. Her studies included conservatory study and master classes with several of the most celebrated cellists and teachers. Annabelle Stanley , Harp Annabelle Stanley is the Principal Harpist of the Victoria Symphony and Pacific Opera Victoria. She is also the Harp Instructor at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and UVIC.

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