Connect with Students

View Certificates

To view a certificate, go to Certificates then click List of Certificates.   You will see a list of certificates that you have created and sent. You can filter results or manually find the certificate you’re looking for. Once you find it, click View.   You will see the details of the certificate you’ve sent. To […]

Manage reviews

To view reviews left by students, click the Reviews tab on your dashboard then click List of Reviews.   Find the review you want to read and click View.   You will be able to comment on the review and even share it on social media!

Give Certificates of Achievement

In educational and professional settings, awarding certificates is a tool for acknowledging the efforts and achievements of the recipient. It is also a motivational tool, something they can proudly show off online and offline. We’ve made it easy to create and send a certificate to your pupil through Classes A2Z.   Click the Certificates tab […]

Giving student recognition

Giving recognition is a great way to acknowledge your student’s efforts, progress, and achievements. Everyone likes receiving compliments, and this will show that you as a teacher are really invested in your student’s progress! These recognition may even be shared by your students on their social media and increases your exposure. There are several ways you […]

Connect with current students

It’s possible to connect with your past or present students through Classes A2Z, even if you didn’t meet them through our system.   Go to your dashboard and click Invite a Student. Enter their email address and click Send.   Your student will receive an invite to become connections – once they have a student […]