Courses are generally workshops or blocks of lessons for individuals, small groups, and even larger groups. The teacher will either conduct the lesson during one long session or a set number of lessons, paid for in advance, over a period of time.


To add a Course, click the My Classes tab on your dashboard, then click the Subjects sub-tab.


Find the subject you want to add an offering for and click the tile.


Click Add New Offering.


For courses/block lessons, Select Course.


Fill in the details of the offering such as where the course will take place (you can select more than one) and the age group. Indicate the prices for a specific duration (as many as you’d like) and the addresses where you will be teaching or coming from. Click Create.


Once you create an offering it can be seen on your profile and in search results!

Can students book a single session for private lessons or group classes? Add Private Lessons or Add Group Classes in your profile!