To add a profile picture

On your member dashboard, go to the Account tab then click Account Details.


The first tile is for your profile picture. Click Change then select the photo you’d like to upload from your computer. Make sure it is a recognisable photo of you!

Click Open once you’ve made your choice.


Drag the square to frame your face. Select Crop & Finish.



To add a banner

Below the section for Profile Picture is the Banner. Click Change then Choose from Gallery.


Choose from our selection of custom banners that span a wide range of hobbies and interests.


You can also upload your own banner. Just make sure it doesn’t include any of your contact details, as per our Terms of Use!

Click Change then select Upload a Picture.



Click Browse to find the banner you’d like to upload from your computer.


Once you’ve made your choice click Open then drag the photo to reposition it. Click Save.