At Classes A2Z, we provide an organised approach to advertising your classes. Instead of having a single page with a general description of you and everything you teach, the lessons you offer are arranged by subject. For example, if you teach guitar, you must first add ‘Guitar’ to your list of subjects. Each Subject (e.g. Guitar) will have a general description of your experience and qualifications as a guitar teacher.

Once you’ve added a subject, you can now add your offerings. Offerings are the different types of classes you offer for that particular subject. For example, you may teach guitar lessons to children and teens who have limited or no prior experience playing guitar, but prefer to teach advanced techniques only to adults. This will be set up as two offerings:

  1. Beginner Guitar Lessons for Children and Teens
  2. Advanced Guitar Lessons for Adults

Aside from the level and age group you teach, other factors to consider are whether you’re offering private lessons, group classes, or courses. You must also indicate where the lessons take place, whether it’s online, at the student’s place, or another location of your choice.


**Note that you will not be able to receive inquiries or book lessons unless you create at least one active offering. If set up correctly, these will appear as separate ads when potential students do filtered searches.


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