Classes A2Z differs from other teacher directories in that we create separate ads for each offering you provide, even if they’re on the same subject. We understand that while a teacher may teach the subject that a student is looking for, their terms and conditions are not necessarily the same.

Factors that affect how the offerings are categorised and filtered through the search are:

  1. Subject
  2. Lesson Type (Private, Group, or Course)
  3. Location
  4. Where the lessons take place
  5. Age group

Class providers are encouraged to create and tag their offerings accordingly. This makes it easier for your ads to be shown to the right people.

In order to create an offering, you first need to add a subject. This will serve as the ‘home page’ of the offerings you offer for that subject and will contain a general description of your lessons, experiences, and qualifications for that subject. These are the details that will appear in search results.



Refer to the following articles for more in-depth guides on how to properly set up offerings: