What is Classes A2Z?

Classes A2Z is an online platform that connects class providers such as teachers, trainers, instructors and coaches with students. Members will have their own profile where they can feature their classes, biography, credentials, reviews, and any certificate or recognition they give out to their pupils. Member offerings will also be advertised to users searching for those classes in their area.

With us helping you market your services online, you can focus on teaching and growing your business!

How much will it cost me?

We have 3 main packages for members to choose from starting at Zero monthly subscription fees.

To see the packages, you need to click ‘Get Listed’ which you will find at the top of most pages on the main website. Then just fill in the form and get started…

For existing members >> You can find the latest packages in your Member Account dashboard under Account> Billing.

How can I become a Class Provider?

At Classes A2Z, we’re always looking for new class providers!

Professional tutors with many years of experience and even those who are just starting out are welcome to advertise their classes with us. Students have varying needs and expectations, so it’s all a matter of the right ones finding and contacting you.

Am I guaranteed students?

We cannot guarantee that you will get new bookings as a lot of it depends on how much you charge and how inviting you make your profile.

You’re always welcome to message us via Support and get some feedback from us.

How can a student contact me?

The Enquire buttons are prominently displayed on your profile: by the bottom right corner of your header, and in all your offering tiles. Any interested user can send you enquiries at the click of the button!

Can I connect with students I met outside of Classes A2Z?

Yes! We highly encourage members to connect with all their pupils through the website, even those who aren’t currently using Classes A2Z. This makes it easier for you to manage and communicate with your pupils on one platform.

You can connect them using Classes A2Z by doing any of the following:

  1. Sending them an invite to connect
  2. Sending them recognition
  3. Sending them a certificate of achievement
  4. Sending them a request to give you a review

Your students can also ask you to connect with them if they already have an account!

How do I exchange contact details with a student?

Once a booking is confirmed, we will send you each other’s contact numbers and other relevant information (such as Skype ID if the lessons are online or the address where the class will take place). Until then, our messaging system allows you to ask and answer questions either party may have.

Sharing contact details over messenger is against CAZ rules and may lead to account suspension

Can I display my contact details on my profile?

Please note that displaying your contact details anywhere on your profile is strictly not allowed.

Any member caught displaying their phone number, email address, or website url in some form will have their account suspended.

Will I get charged for booked lessons that get cancelled?

For no shows, you must cancel the confirmed booking on your dashboard as soon as possible. Provide a reason for the canceled booking. You have seven days to tag the booking as canceled after the scheduled date – otherwise, it will be considered successful and will be charged accordingly.

How do I contact Classes A2Z?

If you have any questions regarding our website, please first check our Knowledge Base. We’ve created easy-to-understand articles and easy-to-follow guides to help you navigate through our website and use the system effectively.

Otherwise, feel free to forward your concerns through our Contact Us link found at the bottom of our main website. We will do our best to respond within 48 hours.