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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a total body workout that aims to lengthen and strengthen the major muscle groups. Though the basics may appear to be very simple, a lot of emphasis is placed on proper technique and control. Attend your chosen Pilates Classes continuously and eat right, and you’re sure to see fantastic results!


Pilates Classes for Everyone

Pilates is a popular workout due to its effectivity in toning muscles and improving overall fitness. The slow and controlled movements make it easy on the joints – another plus! Its similar to yoga in that you need to focus on synchronizing your breath and movements. Taking up Pilates Classes in your area provides you a refreshing mind and a body workout through mild and low-impact exercises.


Which Pilates Class is right for me?

The types of Pilates Classes you’re likely to find are the following: Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Contemporary studio Pilates, Classical Pilates, and Clinical Pilates.


Matwork, or Mat Pilates, is recommended for beginners to create a strong foundation for Pilates in general.

Reformer Pilates requires an equipment called the Reformer, which provides various levels of resistance and tension.

Clinical Pilates focuses on rehabilitation of a specific part of the body, particularly one with an injury.

Classical Pilates sticks with the original series of movements in a specific sequence, as originally created by Joseph Pilates.


Those with a health condition can still benefit from Pilates as the exercises can be modified according to your level and individual needs. Even some pregnant women who were already doing Pilates prior to conceiving can still continue in their practice! However, do make sure to first check with your physician and informing the studio/instructor of your health condition before beginning any workout.

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Reformer studio classes are small and private and include a personalised programme for you as the client, contact Paula at [email protected] for bookings and times.

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