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Top Blenheim CrossFit boxes & coaches. One of the most effective ways to get fit! CrossFit teaches you the correct form and is designed for overall fitness.. Every class is with a coach so you'll be fully motivated!
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What goes on in a CrossFit Gym in Blenheim

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that has become popular worldwide for athletes and not-exactly-athletes alike. The gyms are normally called ‘boxes’ and regular members typically become a community of people who support and challenge each other. It may seem completely hardcore from the outside, and don’t get us wrong it is definitely a challenge, but the shared goal is for people of all shapes and sizes to improve their fitness and overall wellbeing through varied, high-intensity functional movements. Some members that train together but are at various levels will usually be given the same exercises, but with varying loads and intensity to suit each individual’s needs. Inside a CrossFit gym in Blenheim you’ll find members of varying athletic abilities and age who are not only developing their physical strength, but their inner strength and confidence as well. Join them today!  


How to prepare for CrossFit Training

Haven’t been working out in a while? Or at all? Your first step is to begin conditioning your body for a while with other physical activity (such as jogging, cycling, stretching, et c) before you start your first session at a CrossFit box in Blenheim. This to prepare the mind and body for what’s to come. If it's your first time doing CrossFit it is highly recommended to join a CrossFit bootcamp for beginners to learn the fundamentals and core concepts of training.


What to look for in a CrossFit Box in Blenheim

A good CrossFit box in Blenheim is one with a tight knit community. These are people you’ll most likely be around for as long as you’re doing CrossFit (unless you decide to change boxes, which can be good for you too) so it’s good to find a place with people you can probably jive with and aspire to be. CrossFit gyms won’t also have the same focus. Have a look at the regular programs to see whether it aligns with your goals. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to consult with a trainer!  


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