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Kundalini Yoga Lower Hutt

Kundalini Yoga is, to put it simply, The Yoga of Awareness. It can be incredibly powerful; more so than other types of yoga, it masterfully integrates the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of yoga into a cohesive system. The structure of Kundalini Yoga sessions is first the mantra (tuning in), then a warm up, the main kriya (the workout), relaxation and meditation. You will practice neutralizing your mind thus minimizing the risk of being susceptible to causes of unnecessary unhappiness such as anger, greed, and pride. Try Kundalini Yoga Lower Hutt Classes for yourself to see how it works for you!


What to Expect in Lower Hutt Kundalini Classes  

Practitioners of Kundalini wear simple and comfortable clothing are made of natural fiber, usually white though it isn’t mandatory. No footwear is required as well. It is also recommended to wear a turban, not for religious reasons, but to help maintain focus, stimulate wisdom and awareness, and contain the generated Kundalini energy. To prep for Kundalini Yoga Lower Hutt, keep yourself well-hydrated. Avoid eating approximately two to three hours prior to the session as much as possible. A light snack would be fine.


Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Lower Hutt

There are many benefits to including Kundalini Yoga in your practice. A stronger sense of awareness and individual truth as well as clarity of mind are among the main reasons one takes Kundalini Yoga Lower Hutt Classes. Physical benefits include strengthening the nervous system, increasing lung capacity, and boosting energy levels.  

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