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Manual or Automatic?

As with many things in life there isn't really a 'better' choice between manual and automatic driving lessons - it all comes down to preference. Any aspiring driver can learn one after another, and switch up between the two with no problems. Manual driving will take a bit more time and effort to master compared to automatic as you will be learning how to handle three pedals (clutch brake, and accelerator). However once you take manual driving lessons you should have no problem quickly picking up automatic driving skills. The biggest benefit of driving a stick shift is that manual cars can be more cost-efficient and gives the driver greater control over the vehicle.


On the other hand, automatic vehicles are becoming more and more affordable, are easier to learn, and are now far more widely used. For someone who only plans to ever drive automatic cars, automatic driving lessons would suffice. However if down the road there is a need to drive a manual car, it will be almost a completely new learning experience.


For your convenience, driving schools and driving instructors offer classes and courses for both types here:


  1. Automatic Driving Lessons
  2. Manual Driving Lessons


How can I pass the DMV Driving Test?

Being behind the wheel is a huge responsibility. This is why one must take and pass a driving test before getting your driver's license. How difficult it will be to get your license depends on how well you practice during and outside of driving lessons. There is no shortcut to becoming a skilled driver, and can only be achieved by lots of practice! Having a professional driving instructor with you will easily help you discover your points for improvement each time and how you can be better. Note that driving rules and laws will differ per state, so make sure to truly understand them as opposed to memorizing for the purpose of the test.

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