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What is Karate?

Karate is one of the most popular and widely practised forms of martial art; it aims to develop defensive and counterattacking movements using the hands and feet to block and counter an attacker's strike. The four main styles of karate are:


  • Shotokan Classes – Employs long, deep stances with powerful long-range techniques.
  • Shito- Ryu Classes – Highlights speed rather than power in its long and middles range techniques and stresses more upright stances.
  • Goju-Ryu Classes – Places emphasis on Sanchin kata and its rooted Sanchin “three battles” stance, and features grappling and close-range techniques.
  • Wado-Ryu Classes – Involves shorter, more natural stances, emphasizing on body shifting to avoid attacks.


If you visit a karate club near you you'll see that the students wear different belt colors that signifies their current level. There are a variety of karate classes to choose from, and they're all available from beginners to advanced. Choose wisely!


Benefits of learning Karate

Taking karate classes isn't just about learning the moves and the techniques. It is a journey of conditioning the mind, training the body, and developing self-discipline, respect, confidence, and a sense of honor along the way. Like many other martial arts styles, the health benefits of consistently doing karate training include improved physical health, boosting energy, endurance, and stamina, improved flexibility, tone muscles, and getting fit.


What to expect in Karate Classes 

The reality is that you won't learn karate skills after just one or even a week's worth of lessons. Training and learning skills takes time and hard work; however, as long as you are consistent with your training, there is really no need to rush. Enjoy the process of karate training to experience both the short and long term benefits! Find a karate club near you offering the style that you're looking for (if you're not quite sure, it's always good to ask and better to try a couple of taster sessions.) and book your classes to start your wonderful karate journey as soon as possible!

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