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Manual Driving Lessons

So many people put off learning how to drive a car simply because they don’t have a car nor plan to get one. Regardless, it’s still an incredibly useful skill to learn as you never know when you might need to get behind the wheel. It is highly recommended to take manual driving lessons as doing so means you’ll be able to handle both kinds of transmissions. Manual transmission cars are also known as “Stick Shift Driving” because it has a gear shift which you use for full control of your car as opposed to automatic transmissions. Before you take your driving test we recommend taking manual driving lessons so you go in fully prepared and ready to roll!


Benefits of Manual Driving Lessons

Manual driving is a bit more challenging than driving automatic because you have more control over the vehicle. However, it is also more beneficial because, well, you have more control over the vehicle. This is a huge advantage, especially on slippery and bumpy roads or hard turns. It can also be more fuel efficient as your driving style and the road condition will dictate how much fuel is being used. You can actually save as much as 15% of your fuel! Manual cars are also more affordable compared to automatic cars.


Choosing the Right Manual Driving School

Choosing the driving instructor or driving school you take manual driving lessons is incredibly important. Make sure that the school and their instructors are licensed and certified to teach. Note that you will be with the driving instructor for most of your journey practicing how to drive and so will heavily influence your learning experience. If you are uncomfortable with the instructor or don’t like them for some reason, do not hesitate to ask for a change of instructor. Check if the school provides insurance in case of unfortunate incidents during your manual driving lessons.

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