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Finding a Private Tutor

Our New York City tutors provide a wide range of tutoring services, including one-to-one online and group courses. Consider beforehand whether the child would be more comfortable at a tuition center, the tutor’s home, or at another public area such as a library; it is also possible for the child to find their own home to be a more suitable environment for learning, hence home tuition is the best choice. Another factor to consider is the number of students in a class: will your child thrive better in a small class or would they prefer one-to-one tutoring? Tutors in the USA can provide you with feedback after the first class and may recommend some changes in the set-up if needed.


Who can provide Private Tuition?

Tutoring students is not an easy job, but someone’s got to do it! Not every tutor or teaching method can be a great match for a child, and that’s okay! That just means it's important to choose wisely; if you have to, try working with several tutors until you find the right one. Have a look through our list of private tutors and to choose from highly qualified and experienced tutors offering tutoring for all budgets. It’s free to send them an inquiry if you have questions or would like to book a lesson! 

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Supreme Lessons, Inc.
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How did Supreme Lessons, Inc. Emerge? Our Founder Gabrielle V. White founded Supreme Lessons, Inc. with a passion for athletics/fitness, education, and teaching people about the power of the mind and its ability to help people achieve in athletics and education. Ms. White created a company that would use new and innovative methods to improve skills, performance, and capabilities for all ages. Our ...

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