Connecting with Teachers

Write a review

Providing fair feedback through written reviews is good for the class provider and their future students. The best teachers are continuously growing, so constructive reviews are often a mix of praise for what they’re doing right and some suggestions on points for improvement. Reviews are also there to help other users interested in taking lessons to gauge whether […]

Finding a teacher

Use the search tool at the top of the home page to find a class provider in your area. Make sure to enter the correct postcode to come up with search results that are relevant to you. Factors you should consider include the location, rate, teaching methods, and personality of the teacher. You may enquire […]

Find a teacher by name/email address

Classes A2Z lets you connect with any of your teachers. You can message, book lessons, or exchange reviews and recognition with past or present teachers, even if you didn’t meet them through our website. On your dashboard, go to the Invite a Teacher tab Type in your teacher’s email address. Click Submit. They will receive a request to […]