Frequently Asked Questions

What is Classes A2Z?

Classes A2Z is specially designed to help people looking for a teacher, tutor, trainer, instructor, or coach to find the best match for them. We do this by encouraging class providers to provide detailed information about themselves and the lessons they offer, organised in clearly marked tabs in their profile. Our class provider profiles are very easy to navigate so you can quickly see the information you need!

How much will it cost me?

We do not charge users for any inquiries you make, contact details acquired, and lessons taken. You will only have to pay the exact rate charged by the class provider.

Are the teachers employed by Classes A2Z?

Registered class providers are not directly employed by Classes A2Z. Our site functions as a useful online platform for class providers all over the UK to market their teaching services, connect with students and manage their own lessons.

How do I book a lesson?

Before booking a lesson you must first create a user account at Classes A2Z. When you’re logged in you can send enquiries to class providers regarding their availability or other questions you may have about the classes they offer.

Once you’ve agreed on the details of the classes such the scope, location, and schedule, the class provider will send you a booking request. You can confirm the booking on your dashboard.

What is an ID Check?

We encourage all members to present their proof of ID and proof of address to verify their identity. Class providers have an ID Check badge on their profile once we’ve reviewed the documents they provide.

However, we also encourage students and parents or guardians of students to conduct their own background check for safety.

What is a DBS check?

Class providers with approved proof of ID and address can also present their recent DBS certificate. If the name on the DBS check matches that of the proof of ID and proof of address, you will see a DBS Check badge on their profile.

For safety purposes, we encourage students and their guardians to conduct their own background check for safety.

How do I connect with my current teacher?

You can connect with your past or current class providers in Classes A2Z, even if you didn’t meet them through our system!

  1. Click the Connections tab on your dashboard.
  2. Click the Invite a Teacher link in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Type your teacher’s email address and click Submit.


If they do not have an account linked to the email address where you sent the request, they will receive an email invite to join Classes A2Z. They will receive the request to connect once they are a member of CAZ.

If the email is already linked to an existing CAZ account, they will still receive the request to connect with you.


Why do I need to give my contact details?

A class provider will only receive your contact details if you accept a booking request.  Similarly, you will also be provided with their contact details.

This will make it easier for you and your teacher to coordinate with each other outside of the system.

What if I miss or cannot attend a lesson?

We highly advise both students and class providers to inform each other of any cancellations at least 24 hours before the lesson. The earlier, the better. You can still request to reschedule the lesson at a later time or date.

How do I keep track of my lessons?

You can view all scheduled bookings in the Bookings tab on your dashboard. You will also receive a notification and an email on the day of your class.

How do I give feedback about the teacher?

We encourage students to leave honest feedback regarding their lessons or the teacher. To leave a review, go to the teacher’s profile page and click the Review tab. Click the green Write a Review button to fill in the form.

Another way is through the Bookings tab on your dashboard. Select the Booking tile of the teacher you’d like to leave a review for and click Leave a Review at the bottom of the page.

How do I contact Classes A2Z?

Before contacting us with any questions please first check our FAQ and Knowledge Base to see if it has been answered before. We’ve included comprehensive articles and easy-to-follow guides to help you navigate through our website and use the system effectively.

Otherwise, feel free to contact our email support at – Contact Us – so our friendly team can assist you with your concerns.